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The Dark Arts

A word from your webmistress . . .

The goal of RavenBlade is to share the dark beauty and the creative spirit that resides within the heart of the Kindred and, ultimately, to create a haven for those who dwell in the realm of shadows. Within these pages you will find original artworks as well as original works of fiction and poetry created by myself and other artists involved in our online (and offline) community. Future plans for the site include commentary and essays on subjects of  interest by community members, teaching tools and references on various occult subjects as well as a community forum and chat. So, brothers and sisters, pour yourself a glass of wine, pull up a comfortable seat and make yourself at home.  I hope you enjoy your stay, and if there is anything you would like to see here in the future, please use the contact link to email me. This haven, after all, is for YOU.



To the ever evolving . . . ever expanding realm of RavenBlade;
a place where the Dark Arts take on an entirely new meaning.

Raven's Wing
Enter webmistress Raven's domain
where our dark mistress of the web
shares her favorite poetry, fiction, links...
and much more

Sabre's Wing

The corridors of Sabre's Wing are still under construction,
but do pay him a visit
as his halls begin to fill with dark offerings
to tempt your senses;
to quicken the blood in your veins;
and awaken you to your darkest desires.

RavenBlade Presents NYTEFLIGHT

The Nyteflight books are a series of novels filled with mystery, intrigue, black ops and refreshing humor. Its characters are sure to impress themselves upon your imagination as you realize they are endowed with the very abilities your fantasy side always wanted and always knew was out there in the shadows . . .

ready . . . waiting . . . watching . . . being.

Satisty Your Curiosity
More about Nyteflight

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